MGMT 300: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

MGMT 300: Leadership and Organizational Behavior

This is an undergraduate course in organizational behavior. I was responsible for developing course material, lecturing, supporting student consulting and research projects, and grading.

• Winter 2021 (4.3/5.0)

• Spring 2020 (4.2/5.0)

Here are some notable evaluation excerpts from students:

“I appreciate the engagement activities that were present in nearly every class, it was interesting trying to understand how these seemingly random activities actually tie into the course material.”

“Young always gave quality feedback on assignments and also was accepting of every student and seemed to genuinely want us all to succeed. He was super accessible and always made it clear that he was willing to do whatever necessary to help us. He also always gave insightful responses to people’s ideas in class showing he really cared and was listening. Young made this course so enjoyable and went above and beyond!”

“Rhee did an excellent job in encouraging the educational advancement of students from all backgrounds and experiences by simply treating everyone in an upstanding manner. No preferences or handouts were given to any specialized individual. Additionally, he would try to ask for a wide range of perspectives on his questions.”

FGBUS 250: Foundation of Global Business

This is a core class from UW’s Global Business Certificate program. I have worked with international professionals to help them understand better how to work effectively both in teams and individually in a global business context.

• Autumn 2020 (4.5/5.0)

Teaching Assistant (MBA Courses)

I have led review sessions and coaching sessions for business professionals enrolled in MBA courses, and also helped them successfully navigate class projects.

• MGMT 500: Management and Leadership

• MGMT 501: Leading Teams and Organizations (4.1/5.0)

• MGMT 504: Ethical Leadership

• MGMT 545: Leading & Managing High-Performance Organizations


• Workshop Planning and Facilitation – What if? Preparing for Challenging Moments

• Workshop Panelist – Panel Discussion with Experienced International TAs

University of Washington TA Program: In this program, I have discussed what are some inclusive teaching strategies that we can implement in our classroom and what are some measures that we can take to address microaggressions in a classroom context with newly admitted TAs.


• Dean’s Teaching Award

As a recognition of my efforts and performances in teaching, I received a Ph.D. program teaching award from the Foster School of Business in 2022, which has been awarded to three Ph.D. students who demonstrated outstanding performance in teaching.